Pena Luahanku

Pen of Expression


Its that time when you lost the strength
But then theres one person
Looking at you with assurance
Then you found back your strength
To continue your struggle

Just that one nod
Can recharge your spirit
To overcome your tiredness
And to face the challenge again



You still realise

Sometimes when i try to get near you
Your friend calls you and you go
When i try to call you
My voice sunk in the loudness
When i smile at you
You respond with a straight face
When i try to impress you
You say i’m lying
When I tell a joke
It’s not funny for you

But that doesn’t matter anyway
Because you never failed to realise
How much i love you
And no matter how timid i am
You love me with all your heart
I love you


I just

Yeah i just wanted to talk to you..

But um
Yeah I know

I don’t know

Maybe next time
How much longer should I wait?
Maybe there’s no next time
I don’t know
I’ll take my chances


Dawn of Strength

A million of stars in the sky
When the sun is still so shy
Which light is the light of God
And which is the light of hell fire?

They are taking everything
They are lying about everything
They are oppressing people
They make nature eat on us
They make the animals annihilated
They make the children starve
They make women sell themselves
And they make men kill

And they create delusional shadows
That everything is sunshine and rainbows

To whom, oh, to whom should I turn?
How do I make my loved ones learn?
My advice, oh friends, please don’t burn
Blown away like the spores of fern

Only to God I can hope for refuge
To take my hand through this test so huge
Keep me away from those who make me a stooge
Away from the valley of slander deluge

Voices of the poor began to cry
Not in the roads of taghut they should die
Our true swords and shields must not be shy
Against the damned army of the single eye

In despair of Your warmly guidance
Break us from this stormy silence
Protect us from extravagance
Show us the way to independence


Paradox of Love

Love makes me puzzled, yet found some answers
Makes me feelingless, yet thoughtful
Makes me scared, yet secure
Apathic, yet empathic
Immune, yet sensitive
Crazy, yet sane
Sick, yet jovial
Insomniac, yet soundly asleep
Empty, yet filled
Stressed, yet calm
Envy, yet letting go
Dumb, yet learning
Weak, yet strong
Fearful, yet faithful
Sad, yet happy
Falling, yet rising












Flying Free

Once, a boy found a bird
Lying helplessly on the grass
On such a sunny day
How nice would it be for the feather ball
To soar high up like always
With it’s pack cruising around

Out of pity, the boy took it inside
Nursed it back to health
Supported it’s wings
Until the bird could fly again
Until the bird could fly again!
Flew it did
But never returned

Whoever thought it would leave?
But whoever thought it would return either?
Who knows what to think or expect?
Don’t be like the bird
Remember with gratitude



Throne of my mind

She fills the room with her presence
A spark of light in my heart
I sway lost in the ocean of feelings
To be blinded by the mysterious blue
Sparkles blur up my vision
Couldn’t stand up like a sane man

I shuffle through my library of memories
Trying to look at photos of her
The librarian scolded me for that
Saying that this section is closed
And a dangerous place

Sometimes feelings kick me
From the throne of my mind
Leaving some holes in my heart
My weight gains heavily
Although mass stays the same


Light blind

Stars burn so bright in the sky
Only to be jarred in darkness
To die without leaving a mark
Except by those who learn


Self Destructive

That’s when he use his head as a hammer
To hit the wall suffocating him
Hoping to paint the wall red
And run out of internal lorries
Consuming spirits blowing blues away
Like dandelions dispersing
Steel cold days of storms

Exhausting nicotine cylinders
Box after box
Pernicious gasses clogging lungs
Letting them excite him with levity

Weed, pills, needles, coke and ice
Sucking his way to hell’s mouth
‘Farewell!’ he exclaimed lunatically insane
To the evil malicious world
Of direly wicked people

Do we want more people to suffer like ‘he’ did?


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