A million of stars in the sky
When the sun is still so shy
Which light is the light of God
And which is the light of hell fire?

They are taking everything
They are lying about everything
They are oppressing people
They make nature eat on us
They make the animals annihilated
They make the children starve
They make women sell themselves
And they make men kill

And they create delusional shadows
That everything is sunshine and rainbows

To whom, oh, to whom should I turn?
How do I make my loved ones learn?
My advice, oh friends, please don’t burn
Blown away like the spores of fern

Only to God I can hope for refuge
To take my hand through this test so huge
Keep me away from those who make me a stooge
Away from the valley of slander deluge

Voices of the poor began to cry
Not in the roads of taghut they should die
Our true swords and shields must not be shy
Against the damned army of the single eye

In despair of Your warmly guidance
Break us from this stormy silence
Protect us from extravagance
Show us the way to independence