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If You Miss Someone

If you miss someone
Remember those times of fun
Reminisce the ages under the sun

If you miss someone
Call that someone sweetie, darling or hon
Wrap them up like a turban

If you miss someone
From this little test don’t you run
Or take the shortcut with a gun

Let them make you a symbol
Vice versa, stronger than the back of a turtle
Synergise your strengths through this hurdle
It is never an option to tumble

The Most Merciful is with those who are patient
One thing for sure that you will learn
Only through hard times come the best moments

If you miss someone
Look forward for the time you all will be one
Which is when a big deal of you is done




No words can express how much
I miss you right now
Your eyes, your smile
Fills my soul
Now, we are distant
But never distant in love
in our minds and in our hearts
and in our hopes

That’s what keeping me alive right now
The belief we’ll be together one day, forever
As long as there is hope, there is light
As long there is light, there is spirit
As long there is spirit, I keep on going

By: Taf

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